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Luna Sundara

Palo Santo - Sustainably + Ethically Harvested

Palo Santo - Sustainably + Ethically Harvested

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Welcome to smudging 2.0! Our Palo Santo sticks are sustainably and ethically sourced, emerging from the depths of South America (Northern Peru) with a vibrancy and energy that can only come from Mother Nature's loving embrace. Not to mention they'll make your smudging rituals so much more legit! Now that's a win-win! Smudging is a ritual through which we cleanse the energy of physical space, object, or person.

  • 100 grams 15-20 sticks
  • These 100 grams of sustainably harvested, high-quality Palo Santo smudging sticks are hand-picked by talented Peruvian artisans.
  • When burned, the sticks produce a fresh, aromatic scent. The smoke gives off a purifying, grounding effect that may help promote feelings of tranquility and peace.
  • Smudging sticks come in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.
  • Light the tip of the stick and allow the wood to burn for under a minute before blowing out the flame. Relight as needed.
  • SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife) certified

Sustainably harvested in Peru. Luna Sundara only works with suppliers who utilize ethical, fair trade, and sustainable practices.

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